Best MIC for YouTube under 1000 [Review and Specs] – 2023

Video content and YouTube is now one of the largest consumed content worldwide. And We also think someday to turn on the camera, hold the MIC, and just like Lights! Camera! and ACTION… But Does it work that simple? The answer is between Yes and No.

It’s all about the Practice that makes a perfect YouTuber. But, Starting the actual Practice of being a YouTuber needs some accessories to be put on before going in front of the camera.

Hey Everyone, In this article, we will check out the Best MIC for YouTube under 1000 with all Reviews, Specs, Ratings, and PROS&CONS that you can easily afford, and BOOM! Out in your content creation journey. So, Let’s Get Started.

What this article will consist of?

  • Listing of the Best MIC for YouTube under 1000
    1. Product Basic Features/Specs
    2. PROS&CONS
    3. FAQs related to the product
  • Basic Buying Guide to for choosing the Best MIC for YouTube
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

Best MIC for YouTube under 1000 – [Updated 2023]

S.NoName/Model of the ProductPrice
(in ₹)
1.Maono AU-100 Condenser Clip On Lavalier Microphone789
2.Boya BYM1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone695
3.JBL Commercial CSLM20B Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone929
4.Xtreme Acoustics Professional Lavalier Lapel Collar Condenser Microphone 899
5.Smashtronics – Collar Microphone for Recording349
Best Mic for YouTube under 1000

Maono AU-100 Condenser Clip On Lavalier Microphone


  • Flat Frequency and High Sensitivity 32dB+/-3dB
  • It supports every possible instrument or camera with a 3.5 or 6.5mm jack
  • Background Noise Reduction
  • Highly Lightweight with Incredible Voice Recording
  • 236 Inches Cord
  • 1 Year Warranty

Maono AU-100 is the best mic for youtube under 1000 on this list, because of its voice clarity and features. This Flat Frequency and High Sensitivity Microphone comes with 32dB+/-3dB of flatter frequency for a high-quality recording and works as OFF for smartphones and ON for DSLR Cameras.

It supports all the recorders and instruments that support a 3.5mm jack, such as Smartphones, Computers, laptops, Etc. And They also provide a 6.5mm jack for SLR, camera, headset, audio devices, like Canon EOS SLR Camera and Canon PowerShot.

The MIC is highly lightweight with an incredible voice recording. It is effortless to adjust the metal clip wherever you want to with 236 inches LONG CORD to record your YouTube Videos, Interviews, REELS, and anything easily within no time, just plug-and-play.

They provide 1 Year Warranty with 7 days of replacement on Amazon.

What’s included in the package?

  • 1X Lavalier Microphone
  • 2x Button Batteries
  • 1x Adapter
  • 1x Metal Clip
  • 2x Wind Muff
  • 1x Manual
  • Best under the budget as they’re providing you 2 cell batteries , 2 mic lapel clip
  • Quality of the Sound is more than average in recording high-quality videos
  • Packaging and Built Quality of the MIC is really good
  • 236 inches LONG CORD to record LOUD and CRISP sound
  • Extremely Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • Compatible with Every Possible Recorders and Camera
  • Doesn’t works with some Action Cameras

Questions related to Maono AU-100 Condenser

1. Will Maono AU-100 supports iPhone?

Yes, iPhone is supported in this microphone via adaptor.

2. How much long wire does Maono AU-100 provides?

Maono AU-100 comes with 6 meter/236 Inches long wire length.

Boya BYM1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone


  • Omni-directional Microphone (360 Degree Audio Recording)
  • 20ft Audio Cable
  • Highly-Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • Easily Compatible with Smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders ,Audio recorders, PC etc.
  • 1 Year Warranty

Boya BYM1 Omni-directional Microphone for 360 Degree Clear Audio Recording is mainly built for YouTubing, Shooting Webinars and Interviews, and Build Short video content.

It is highly lightweight and easy to use through the ON/OFF Options. If you’re using it on a smartphone, you can switch it to the OFF option and ON for other DSLR Cameras.

It is compatible with every possible device present with a 3.5mm/6.5mm jack for smartphones, DSLRs, Camcorders, Audio Recorders, PC, etc. All you have to do is switch the Microphone to ON/OFF buttons accordingly to the device.

This Microphone comes with 20ft long audio cable and 1 Year of Warranty with 7 day of replacement policy on Amazon.

What’s included in the package?

  • 1x LR44 battery
  • 1x Microphone
  • 1x Foam
  • 1x Adaptor and Pouch
  • 1x Microphone foam windscreen
  • 1x 6.5mm jack connector
  • Mic piece is very compact and handy to use
  • Cable/wire is extraordinarily long (6 meters/20ft)
  • It has a Velcro for cable management
  • My recordings have improved considerably with this Mic, Worth each penny
  • Sound quality is loud enough and crisp
  • It captures a lot of airflow meaning I can hear a lot of air from my mouth in the final output

Questions Related to Boya BYM1

Does Boya BYM1 supports action camera such as GoPro7?

Yes Definitely, It supports action cameras such as GoPro7 you have to just switch the microphone to camera mode.

JBL Commercial CSLM20B Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone


  • Omnidirectional pickup pattern
  • You can use it with mixer amplifiers
  • The cable length is 6m/20ft
  • Majorly built for Content Creation, Voice/Dubbing, Recording, and Conference Calls.
  • Compatible with Smartphones, DSLRs, Camcorders, Audio recorders, PC, etc. 
  • 6 Months Warranty

JBL is one of the most known brands for its signature sound speakers and headphones. Still, after researching a bit, I found that they also manufacture Microphones within a reasonable budget with excellent feedback and reviews. JBL Commercial CSLM20B is one of them, the best mic for YouTube under 1000 with unique features.

It is an Omnidirectional pickup pattern Lavalier Microphone that helps you capture the audio around 360 degrees with a clip-on for quickly accessing it from anywhere.

JBL never lets its quality degrade. This microphone also comes with a superb audio recording quality making it easy for the YouTubers and Visual Content Creator to plug in and start shooting the video with little to no unnecessary sound and noise.

This mic is compatible with almost every possible device, such as laptops, Smartphones, Camcorders, DSLRs, and other Cameras with a length of 6 meters for easily using it from any side of your room without any problem.

The microphone comes with 6 months of warranty and 7 day of replacement policy on Amazon.

What’s Included in the Package?

  • JBL Commercial CSLM20B Battery-Powered Lapel Microphone
  • Extra tie-clip
  • Extra windshield
  • Carry pouch
  • LR44 Battery
  • ¼” Adapter
  • The microphone is really incredible
  • Long length wire is the best (6m/20ft)
  • Good quality pouch
  • I used it with my amplifier as well and worked very well. I connect guitar and this lavalier mic with my amplifier and insane experience!
  • Average Noise Cancellation

Xtreme Acoustics Professional Lavalier Lapel Collar Condenser Microphone


  • TYPE-C Jack ideal for any type-c mobile device smartphone or laptops
  • Omni directional MIC for 360 degree audio capture
  • Premium Metal Clip for Pocket, Tie, Collar, etc.
  • 6m/20ft Extra Long Cable
  • 1 Year Warranty

Technology is evolving, and nowadays, Smartphones and Laptops are coming with Type-C cables and a No-AUX jack. Keeping that fact in mind, I’ve researched an incredible Xtreme Acoustics Professional Lavalier Lapel Collar Condenser Microphone that has a Type-C cable.

This Xtreme Acoustics Professional Lavalier Lapel Collar Condenser Microphone comes with fantastic quality for recording high-quality videos. The main reason for shifting to Type-C cable rather than the usual AUX is to avoid carrying AUX converters while shooting and provide a suitable plug-and-play experience.

The Microphone is supported in Type-C Smartphones, Laptops, Camcorders, DSLRs, Tablets, etc. This Microphone is widely used for YouTubing, visual content creation, Online Meetings, Interviews, etc.

What’s Included in the Package?

  • 1x Microphone
  • 1x Tie Clip
  • 1x Windfoam
  • The microphone sound clarity is really good!
  • Very happy with the length of the wire which is around 6m
  • Lightweight and Easy on your Budget
  • Just Plug and Play with your shoot
  • Supports only TYPE-C Input

Questions Related to Xtreme Acoustics Professional

1. Does Xtreme Acoustics Professional works with iPhone?

Yes, This microphone works with iPhone but needs a TYPE-C Adaptor and all the possible devices supports TYPE-C.

2. Is Xtreme Acoustics Professional Good for singers? Can I record songs.

Yes, Recording is good but no headphone facilities with this instrument please!!!

Smashtronics – Collar Microphone for Recording


  • Omni Directional Pickup Pattern
  • High-Quality Wind Muff for Clear Sound Recording
  • 1.5 meter of wire
  • Premium Quality Carry Case
  • No Warranty mentioned – Only 7 Days of Replacement Policy

The best budget mic under 500, What! You must be thinking, Why am I speaking on an unrelated topic. This Smashtronics Collar Microphone cost around 349, Which is far cheaper than Rs. 1000 and lies under Rs. 500 budget microphones. But, As this microphone comes with superb quality, I can’t wait to add it to my article. I added this microphone to my list because I haven’t seen such quality results in this range. However, It is not the best microphone under 1000. But, Yes, the best microphone under 500.

Smashtronics Collar Microphone comes with Omni Directional Feature for 360-degree audio capture capacity helps you provide a better quality output.

The collar microphone comes with a high-quality wind muff for clear sound recording and removing background fierce wind sounds and effects. It is minimal and portable with a 1.5m length, So, That you can easily carry this microphone with you for Vlogging, YouTubing, Interviews, Webinars, Instagram Visual Content, etc.

What’s Included in the Package?

  • 1x Lapel Microphone
  • 1x TRRS to TRS Adapter
  • 1x Carry Case
  • The microphone sound clarity is good according to the price.
  • Lightweight and Easy on your Budget
  • Just Plug and Play with your shoot
  • High-Quality Carry Case
  • No Warranty mentioned only 7 days of replacement policy


Now you are ready with the list of Best MIC for YouTube under 1000 that you can prefer. If you’re starting your visual content journey, and for your information, You can use these microphones for any purpose. Only make sure that It supports that device.

With that signing off! Please share with your friends to buy me a coffee, and Thanks for your patience. Have a Nice Day 🙂

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