3 Best Solar Flood Light in India – Buying Guide and Review

Do you know what floodlight means? These lights are highly powered beam lights mainly used in outdoor playing areas, parties, camps, etc. The solar flood lights grab the sunlight and store it as solar energy in the in-built batteries to power up at night.

Hey everyone, In this article, we will discuss the 3 Best Solar Flood Light in India with Buying Guide and Review to help you make the best decision among your favorite list.

What will the entire review and buying guide will consist of:

  • Review
    • A basic buying overview of the product
    • Pros and Cons
    • Feedback and reviews from users
  • Buying Guide
    • Basic buying instruction of solar flood lights
    • Key Points to remember while buying
Best Solar Flood Light in India

Buying Guide to choose the Best solar flood light in India

Here are some instructions and rules that can help you choose the best solar flood light in india without any in-depth research about it.

Power Selection

A solar flood light ranges from 20w-1000w. However, these solar lights can’t reach more than 150w because of their power capability. They range from 25-80w. The question arises here how you can select the best power solar flood light for your outdoor or home. For Example, If you have a 40sq meter backyard, The brightness required will be 50×100=4000 lumens. For the LED having 120 lumens/watt, The power required by the led will be 4000/120=33.33w. According to the conclusion, 35w solar flood light will be a good choice for your backyard. 

It’s not required to purchase a single light. Instead, you can get four to five sets of flood lamps of 40W hanging from the ceiling to create more uniformity.

Service and Lifespan

One of the essential points that a person should consider before buying any solar light. Usually, a primary solar flood light has an average life expectancy of 20-25 years and can also be increased if used and maintained correctly. Whereas the lifespan of batteries, solar lights mainly uses LiFePO4 lithium batteries, has an average lifespan of 3-4 years, If used properly. So, If you’re willing to buy then make sure going with a LiFePO4 lithium battery and a good reputed brand.


The FloodLights are primarily installed on grounds, outdoor parties, camps, etc. Then they must have an excellent water-resistant solution, To face issues such as rain and snowstorms. Almost every solar light brand produces waterproof lighting systems. The best you can get IP65 WATERPROOF

Charging and Runtime

Finally, this will be the most crucial factor that you’ll see before buying a solar flood light for yourself. That’s the charging time and backup that we can expect from the full charge of the lithium battery. Taking an example with 45w solar flood light, It takes around 4-6 hours to get charged entirely under direct sunlight, and If that setting is set to the basic, you can easily hope for an excellent overnight backup.

Special Features

People love features, and It is the best way to differentiate your good list. Many companies are launching their products with unique features. Make sure you should have these in your selection.

  • Remote controlled operations
  • Automatic Light Control
  • High Range and Easy to Install
  • Motion Sensor (Optional)

These are all the basic requirements you should fulfill before checking a good solar flood light. Here are the best ten lists that you can check out.

Epyz Solar Flood Lights [Outdoor Remote Control Solar Power Led Lights]

Epyz is one of the most online eCommerce selling solar light brands, Epyz Solar Flood Lights are available with different variations and power ratings. 

This Epyz Solar Flood Light is built with a high quality Metal and Aluminium with a power rating of 45w Solar Light and 10000mAh battery. It comes with 118 SUPER BRIGHT LEDs and 120 degree Beam Angle,providing 500LM Bright White illumination Outdoor Lights and a suitable choice for campings, gatherings, outdoor parties, etc…

Moreover, talking about the special features. It has IR remote control feature with a good range of 20-30 feet with multiple lightning modes, Automatic light control feature, and Easy Installable.

Important Points

  • 118 SUPER BRIGHT LEDs with 120 degree Beam Angle
  • 45w and 10,000mAh Battery Backup
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Automatic Light Sensors with Remote controlled feature
  • Easy to Install
  • High Brightness with Good Backup
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Remote Controlled
  • 120 degree beam angle for easy shifting the beams
  • Easy to Install
  • Batteries quality should be improved in long run
  • Customer service is a bit poor

Feedback from User

It’s a great solar flood light with 45 watts of power . It has a high brightness and is controlled with a remote and the quality of the material is also good.Remote can be used to switch ON/OFF.One can also select three hours or five hours or 8-hour lighting, when needed.Auto mode operates from dusk until dawn.Once you can also alter the brightness according to needed.Suitable for any places.Over all, it’s a fantastic product. – Payel

Sturlite (Solar Panel & White Flood Light with Intelligent Remote Control- Outdoor Wall Mounted)

The Sturlite Solar Flood is light and built with High Grade Aluminum Body with power rating of 20w and Good Capacity Battery, Multi Functional Intelligent Remote Control and High Brightness Led. Overall a High Quality product you can easily prefer as an alternative to Epzy Solar Products.

Important Points

  • Lamp Power 20W and Solar Panel Power 10W
  • Charging Time 4-6 Hours
  • High Grade Aluminum Body
  • Multi Functional Intelligent Remote Control
  • High Brightness LED
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • High Brightness and Good Backup
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Multi Functional Intelligent Remote Control
  • High Grade Aluminum Body
  • Beam Angle upto 90 Degree
  • No Buyers and Feedbacks
  • Customer service is a bit poor

hardoll Bright Motion Sensor 60 LED Outdoor Security Solar Flood Lights

hardroll is one of the best and high-quality solar brands with a good client presence, and It has 60 Super Bright Led Lights That Create Over 450 Lumens In Total For Large Spaces Like Terraces, Walkways, Carports, And Driveway Areas. An Energy-Saving And High-Efficiency Solar Panel, It Can Work Up To 6 Hours In Most Lighting Conditions. Smart And Sharp Motion Sensor Built-In Motion Detector Turn The Light On and A Motion Detecting Range Of 120 Degrees.

Important Points

  • Lamp Power 6.5W/650 Lumens and Solar Panel 1W/6v
  • Charging Time 6-8 Hours
  • Built with ABS Plastic and Aluminium
  • IP44 Waterproof
  • Motion Sensor with Range 180 Degree
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • High Brightness and Good Backup
  • IP44 Waterproof
  • High Grade Aluminum and ABS Plastic Body
  • Motion Sensor Angle upto 180 Degree
  • High Quality Cables used
  • A bit costly from the regular solar brands
  • Packaging and Shipment should be improved

Feedbacks from user

This was installed outside my garage door. The light detects motion from 30 feet away. It is very powerful. There are many settings for the timing of the light. 5 mt is the current limit. While it is sufficient for me, others may find it too short if the charging unit has to be installed far from them. It will be helpful to offer a 5 mt extension cable at a nominal additional cost. – Rohit Kamath


I hope you got a good idea about a better purchasing a solar floodlight. Rather than the buying guide, I’ve also listed some of the best solar flood lights in India that you can check under a satisfying budget. Have a Nice Day! Thanks 🙂

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