Best Tractor Battery in India [Top Choice – 2022]

It is really difficult to choose a good battery when buying for the first time. Whether it is a tractor, home, car battery itself. But, to resolve this problem in this article, we going to talk about some of the affordable best tractor batteries in India with the list of the top choices.

After reading this article till the end, You’ll get complete information about the best tractors battery and which one suits your vehicle the best.

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Best Tractor Battery in India

Best tractor battery in india

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LivFast 90AH Tractor Battery (LVL TR90 FO L)

According to my personal experience, LivFast is one of the best automotive batteries brands in India because I am using its car battery for the past 7 years without any problems and issues.

This Livfast tractor battery comes with a power rating of 12v/90AH, This battery is 100% temper and spill-proof. It gives you an XTreme Weather Performance that can help you improve the performance of the battery even in rough weather conditions.


  • Power Rating 12v/90AH
  • 100% temper and spill proof
  • Maintenance free
  • XTreme Weather Performance
  • 39 months warranty (21+18)

Exide Xpress Heavy Duty Battery 12 Volt 80 AH

As we all know that Exide is one of the oldest and reputed brands in this market and It is also the ultimate leading automotive battery producer in India, This company provides awesome quality service and products.

Exide Xpress Heavy Duty comes with a power rating of 12v 80AH, The package comes with full-sealed and factory-charged batteries for easy convenience. Specially created for tractors and heavy-duty cars.


  • Power Rating 12v/80AH
  • Maintenance free
  • 36 months warranty (18+18 Pro Rata)
  • Easy to Install

Amaron HCV620D31R Hiway 12V 80Ah

An Amara raja product Amaron, India’s top-selling automotive battery brand. You can blindly trust this brand for quality and customer service concerns. They are the best tractor battery leading producers in India.

Amaron HCV620D31R Hiway comes with a power rating of 12v 80ah, That is a really good power rating for a good backup battery. These batteries have a huge life duration because of their built quality and materials durability.


  • Power Rating 12v/80AH
  • Leak Proof and Maintenance free battery
  • High Cranking Power
  • 24 months warranty (18+6 Pro Rata)

SF Sonic Zamindar SZ1080-88L Battery

A sub-brand from Exide SF Sonic is a high-quality automotive battery producer in India. As, It is not a known brand but according to the quality comparisons, It provides the same results or even better.

SF Sonic Zamindar SZ1080-88L Battery comes with a power rating of 12v 88AH, The best tractor battery that you can find in a perfect budget range with the best performance. You can use this battery in heavy-duty cars and tractors.


  • Power Rating 12v/88AH
  • Shock Resistant and Maintenance free battery
  • High Cranking Power and Performance
  • 36 months warranty (18+18 Pro Rata)

Tata Green Batteries TG Series TG800R 12V 80Ah Utility Vehicle Battery

The company TATA is known for its reliability and quality of product, If you exploring something with new features and high quality then you can go with TATA Green Batteries.

This TATA Green Battery TG series TG800R comes with a power rating of 12v 80ah a heavy-duty vehicle battery. This battery has a corrosion-resistant grid design, high heat resistance, and hybrid technology for commercial taxi applications.


  • Power Rating 12v/80AH
  • Yuasa patented container and cover design for long life (Technology from JAPAN)
  • High Cranking Power and Performance
  • 12 months warranty
  • Easy to use vent plugs


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