Flat Plate vs Tubular Battery: Comparison, Rating, & Result

There are mainly two types of batteries that are highly used in homes, offices, workstations, shops, etc. Flat Plate vs Tubular batteries are among the most demanded and used batteries. In this article, we’re going to talk about the in-depth comparison, rating, and result between Flat Plate vs Tubular Battery.

Flat Plate vs Tubular Battery: Comparison, Rating, & Result

What is a Flat Plate Battery?

Flat plate batteries are used in areas with frequent power cuts. They are cheap but have a lower life span (1-3 Years) than tubular batteries. They are among the best batteries that can charge fastly within low time than tubular ones. These types of batteries can’t support heavy application works these are recommended to budget-conscious individuals who have small homes.

What is a Tubular Battery?

If you’re good at budget then this battery can be proved as the best battery for your home, This type of battery comes with a complex design and long lifespan (4-6 Years), It is usually built for long backup and loading on heavy applications and usage. It is recommended for individuals who’re high on their budget to have big homes.

Major Differences: Flat Plate vs Tubular Battery

Flat Plate Battery

  1. Recommended for areas with frequent power cuts and low budget
  2. Has lower lifespan (1-3 Years)
  3. These batteries can’t support heavy application and usages
  4. High water consumption batteries 
  5. Works at only recommended temperature conditions.

Tubular Plate Battery

  1. Amazing battery performance with 20% extra electrical power than a flat plate inverter battery and High in budget
  2. Has Higher Lifespan (4-6 Years)
  3. These batteries can support heavy applications and usages
  4. Low consumption of water
  5. Get optimized and works consistently at even at high temperature

PROS and CONS of Flat Plate and Tubular batteries

Tubular Battery

  • Higher Lifespan
  • Good Performance and best for heavy load usage application
  • Low water consumption
  • Get optimized and works consistently even at high temperature
  • Higher in cost

Flat Plate Battery

  • Best for places having frequent power cuts
  • Budget-conscious battery
  • High Water Consumption
  • Low lifespan (1-3 Years)
  • Works at only recommended temperature conditions.
  • These batteries can’t support heavy application and usages

Which battery should you prefer: Tubular vs Flat Plate Battery?

I would highly recommend you go with a tubular battery. If you’re good on a budget, it will be worth your money. But, If you’re budget conscious, you can also check flat plate batteries. Maybe you’ll get a bit lower performance than tubular, but it’ll be a good choice under your budget for a lifespan of 1-3 years.

Which inverter battery is best for home use?

Many brands in the market deal in inverters and batteries, but some of the brands that I’ve been using and found helpful are Luminous, Exide, Livguard, and Microtek. You can check out the batteries in Luminous, Exide, and Livguard, whereas Inverter in Livguard, Luminous, and Microtek.

Here are some of the best combos that I prefer to a newbie buyer.


Luminous and Microtek

Here are some best comparisons that can help you make a good and fruitful decision.


At the end, I would like to end up my words by saying that this comparision and review is based on my experience and researched theory. If you’re having any confusion or want to add something more to the content. You can reach you out in comment section we’ll try to respond you ASAP.

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