SF Sonic Battery Review in India – 2023 [Pros and Cons]

SF Sonic is a product from Exide India’s biggest manufacturer of lead-acid storage batteries and its biggest power-storage solutions provider, There are multiple products sold across the world under its name such as Exide, Chloride, SF Sonic, CEIL, etc…

In this article, I’m going to provide an in-depth SF Sonic battery review in India with all the factors, PROS and CONS, FAQs, and many more, SF Sonic batteries are highly known for their powerful and performing automotive batteries.

SF Sonic Battery Review

SF Sonic Battery Review in India - 2022 [Pros and Cons]

SF Sonic a sub-brand of Exide, specially built for automotive. But before buying, Why choose SF Sonic batteries and what are the benefits of using SF Sonic batteries.

These batteries are powered by the technological innovations from Furukawa, Japan, for delivering something unique and advanced, SF SONIC provides unmatched performance in the most challenging situations.

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Features of SF Sonic Battery

  • High Cranking Power
    It is the power of the battery to turns the vehicle on easily during extreme weather conditions.
  • Advanced lead calcium technology
    Lead Calcium is a better technology than the normal lead acid batteries because it tend to deliver more cold cranking power and decrease water loss through gassing in the battery and permits the battery container to be completely sealed.
    Check the Difference between Lead Calcium and Lead Acid
  • Maintainance free
    Due to their high-performing features and technologies these batteries require no maintainance, It becomes a plug and play game.
  • Long Backup
    Although, SF Sonic is mainly focused on automotive batteries. But, Their tubular and flat batteries are also really awesome they provide good backup and performance under a good budget range.
  • Quick team support
    One of the best thing that I found in SF Sonic battery is their customer service and after-sales support, It is really easy to register a complaint, ask a query, or claim your warranty on SF Sonic batteries.

PROS and CONS of SF Sonic Automotive batteries

Is SF Sonic is a good automotive battery?

Yes, SF Sonic is a good battery because of its fantastic performance and the technologies used. They have been ruling the industry for more than 50 years until now. So if you’ll ask me about the relevancy and product quality, I’ll give them a 9 rating on a scale of 10. Trust me. You can check this brand out without stressing.

Which is better Exide vs SF Sonic?

SF Sonic is a sub-brand of Exide, and If talking about the best battery between both of them, then SF sonic is better in the automotive sector. When it comes to tubular, flat, or inverter batteries, then Exide will be the ultimate choice.

Is SF Sonic battery good for inverter?

Yes, SF Sonic is a great battery but only when it come to automotive sector. But, If you want a good battery for inverter then you should move to some good brands such as Exide, Luminous, Livguard, LivFast, etc… Check the article below to browse some best batteries for home.


I hope this SF sonic battery review has provided you with some bits of new information about this company, its product, features, pros and cons, etc… If you have any problem or question related to this article, you may hit it in the comment section. We’ll try to reply as fast as possible.

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  1. Sambasivarao Yarru

    Sir iam sambasivarao from Tenali Guntur district AP i purchased sf sonic car battery 2 years back but even warranty is still there , but he charged 2300 rupees for bettey cost he is cheated
    me . And already visited before 3 months back but that time also battery is not working, he took battery and 3 days charging and after he gave him battery. but again after with in a month again I faced the same problem arised . 3 rd time he changed the battery but warranty is still there . even though he charged and change the battery. Now I was complaint 23_ 5-
    2022 your company deelor Tenali cheated me why I iam telling warranty is still there even though he collect money 2300 rupees.your custemer care sevice is also failure to solve my problem and all the evidences are Also submitted but they will not solved my problem . Your customer care service is deellor care service . Iam not satisfied your customer care service it worst sevice .I am very painful with your svl deelor in Tenali . So iam going to consumer court against the company . My problem is not solved your customer care sevice hence there is no alternative .

    1. Sir according to your scenario, I haven’t mentioned any dealers in the blog moreover, If you’re facing any problems with your SF Sonic Battery you should contact your nearby service center also you can complain on the official site

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