How to Buy Solar Panel for your Home

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Top Factors to consider before buying a solar panel for your home


Conversion Efficiency

Conversion Efficiency is the rate of energy that your panel can transform from solar energy to usable electrical energy.


Certificationand Registrations

The right solar panel needs good certification and registration, There are some basic certificates that you should consider before checking a solar panel for your home


Size and Cost

This is one of the most important factors that you should consider before buying the ring solar panel for your home. The Size and Cost decide the actual quality that the company is delivering.



Normally the best solar panel comes with a default warranty of around 20-25 years with 80% of the original power capacity.


Reputation/ Financial Strength of Manufacturer

It doesn’t matter How smartly you choose the solar panel with the cost-cutting technique. You’ll definitely get cheaper options in these solar panel companies


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