What's our AIM?

Green and Renewable source of energy is the future and considering the future in mind. I’ve created this blog to help you guys out to use out the maximum from green and renewable energy in order to fulfill your home requirements. The benefits of using this form of energy are as follows.

  1. Low to minimal damage to the environment and surroundings
  2. Low-cost energy and built for the long run
  3. Reducing the Dependence on energy supply and imported fuels

Hope so you got a Why we built this blog and What is out AIM.

About Me.

Virat Battery is a team with experience of over 25 years in power supply electronics. Our team is now more concerned about sharing their knowledge with people all around India. We help people decide a better product for either their personal use, industrial use, or for automobiles which includes cars, bikes, or e-rikshaw. We provide our viewers with product information like news, reviews, best lists, prices for a better comparison.

We too have had our physical presence in Bokaro steel City since 2000 from where we sell batteries of different brands at the same time make our own batteries, and provide installation services for the same. Before that, we were in the battery manufacturing industry wherein we produce battery lead.
We started this blog to resolve all the queries that most people have but could find answers for the same. You can too mail us your doubts and confusion regarding the same. We are always here to help you.