7 Best Smartwatches with Call Function in India

The wearables market is growing amazingly, and choosing the right wearable for you may be difficult in this saturated market. Many smartwatch brands in the market offer a range of features. One of the most searched functionalities is making and receiving phone calls directly from the wrist. This feature helps the users stay connected on the go and offers a seamless hands-free experience throughout the day.

In this article, we will explore the best smartwatches with call functions available in the market with every type of budget range. This article will contain a proper review of all the smartwatches with call function, PROS&CONS, SPECS, and a Personal Overview of the product and everything required to make the best decision out of this article. So without wasting any time, Let’s dive into the article and check the best smartwatch with call function and gps that’ll suit your preferences and choices.

Best Smartwatches with Call Function [Review, PROS&CONS] India

S.No.Name of the Product/ModelPrice(INR)
1.Amazfit GTS 4 Smart Watch₹16,999
2.Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Alpha Smartwatch₹3,999
3.Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular, 40mm)₹30,900
4.Fastrack Reflex Play + BT Calling₹5,995
5.boAt Newly Launched Xtend Call Plus Smart Watch₹2,299
6.Noise Pulse 2 Max Advanced Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch₹1,999
7.Titan New Talk Smartwatch ₹9,599

1. Amazfit GTS 4 Smart Watch


  • An Elegant Combination of Traditional and Formal Look, Really Appealing and Versatile Look
  • Ultra-large 1.75″ HD AMOLED Display
  • BT Calling Facility, To Make and Receive Phone Calls
  • Dual-band Circularly-Polarized GPS antenna technology
  • Bio Tracker 4.0 PPG Biometric Sensor with Highly Accurate Sleep Tracking
  • 150+ Sports Modes and Watch Face with Always ON Display
    30 Animated Watch Faces for Interactive Watch Faces
  • 8 Days+ Long Battery Life on Typical to Normal Usage and 25 Hours of Battery Life with GPS
  • Music Storage and Playback Facility
  • Dual Voice Assistant
  • 5 ATM Water Resistance
  • 1-Year Warranty with 7 Days of Replacement Policy on Amazon.in

Amazfit is one of the most known and reputed brands in the market that deals with wearables and smartwatches, This Amazfit GTS 4 Smartwatch comes with Ultra-large 1.75″ HD AMOLED Display. The design of this smartwatch is an awesome combination of a traditional and formal look, The overall look of this smartwatch looks too fashionable and appealing. Moreover, The built quality of this smartwatch is also really robust and premium.

The main factor for selecting this smartwatch on this list is that Amazfit GTS 4 Smartwatch offers a BT Calling Facility with a microphone and speakers for making and receiving calls directly from your smartphone. Connect your smartwatch to your smartphone with Bluetooth, and you’re good to go. Make sure this BT Calling feature is not supported on IOS Devices.

Also, This smartwatch comes with Strong and Accurate GPS Tracking Route Import and Real-Time Navigation features. Whether you’re hiking or cycling, enjoy positioning that’s unimpeded by environmental and multi-path interference. You can even import any route file to the watch from the Zepp App and navigate your way along it in real time. A good smartwatch with call function and GPS to prefer around this budget range.

The smartwatch with Bio Tracker 4.0 PPG biometric sensor enhanced to 2 LED, enabling the smartwatch to collect 33% more accurate data than the previous generation smartwatch. The upgrade ensures that you get a powerful and accurate health metrics technology, Making it easy for all the users to get the best metrics of their health data. The Sleep tracking of this smartwatch is highly-accurate and detailed, So when you go to bed wearing this smartwatch, it’ll automatically track your sleep in-detailed.

Amazfit GTS 4 comes with two voice assistants [Online and Offline], The Online assistant can easily set alarms, provide general answers and translations, and more with Alexa. Whereas, You can use the offline voice assistant to engage a sports mode, open a health feature, or more via voice commands, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

This smartwatch has more than 150+ Sports modes for highly accurate workout data performance processing and 150+ Watch faces with an always-on display and 30 Animated Watch Faces for Interactive Watch Faces. Moreover, You can also upload your own photos to the watch face.

It provides you a battery backup of up to 8 Days Straight, No more need to put your smartwatch to charge again until 8 days while progressing with your achievements and performance records. Whereas, Up to 25 Hours of Battery backup when using it with GPS Enabled.


  • Great Built-Quality and Display.
  • Looks Highly-Premium and Versatile.
  • Good BT Calling Facility with Strong and Accurate GPS.
  • Strong Week-Long Battery Life.
  • 150+ Sports Mode Options with Accurate Health Metrics Tracking.
  • 5 ATM Water Resistance.
  • Dual Voice Assistant.


  • Lacks third-party app support.
  • The App pushes Zepp’s paid service too much

What do people say about this?

This smartwatch looks premium with a metal frame and gorgeous AMOLED display and offers fully loaded features at a great price. I was looking for a watch which works both with Android and iOS and found out that this was the best option for my budget and requirements. So far, I am happy with the purchase.

By Suradip (A Verified Amazon Purchase)

2. Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Alpha Smartwatch


  • Highly-Versatile and Premium Smartwatch with Curved Display and Metallic Finish
  • Ultra-large 1.78″ Always ON AMOLED Display with 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • BT Calling Facility, To Make and Receive Phone Calls
  • Numerous Options to Track Health and Fitness Levels
  • InstaCharge Feature, 24 Hours of Battery Life within 10 Minutes of Charge
  • Gesture-Controlled Functions Available
  • 1.5 Meter Water-Resistance
  • 7 Days Long Battery Life on Typical to Normal Usage and 2 Days of Battery Life with Calling Feature
  • 1-Year Warranty with 7 Days of Replacement Policy on Amazon.in

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Alpha is a sleek and high-quality Smartwatch, It comes with a 1.78″ Inches AMOLED Always ON Display, 60Hz Refresh Rate, and 368*448 pixel resolution. The straps of these smartwatches are built with a silicone material with 45g of weight with 4.7 x 3.9 x 1.2 cm dimensions, Overall the smartwatch looks good and premium under a good budget range with highly sturdy build quality and metallic finish.

Coming over to the main factor behind selecting this smartwatch on our list, This Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Alpha Smartwatch comes with BT v5.3 Effective Calling Feature with an inbuilt Microphone and Speaker. Also for your convenience and ease they’ve added up a dial pad to call anyone directly from your smartwatch, Add up to 10 Contacts on your smartwatch, and easily access the call log for checking the recent and daily calls. Although the smartwatch doesn’t comes with any kind of GPS, But surely a great option for those who’re looking for budget smartwatches with call function.

This smartwatch provides you with numerous options for tracking health metrics easily just with a few taps. Such as you can easily track your blood pressure and oxygen levels using the heart rate and SpO2 monitor, Analyze your sleep using the sleep monitoring system with four-stage sleep analysis, Stress Monitor, and Female Menstrual Cycle Tracker.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Alpha Smartwatch provides you 7 days of Battery Life on Typical to Normal Usage. Whereas 2 Days of Battery Life with the calling feature, Their Lightning charge feature charges the smartwatch for up to 24 Hours of usage within just 10 minutes of charge. Which is really amazing and worth a feature to consider. Moreover, This smartwatch comes with Gesture, Palm, and Tap Control for performing different kinds of functions and tasks on the watch. Overall, A worthwhile smartwatch with call function under 5000 basically for those who’re looking for better quality under a tight budget range.


  • Premium and Sturdy Build-Quality.
  • Amazing Battery Life, It only reduces by only 5% per day, on average usage.
  • Bluetooth Calling Feature is really satisfactory.
  • The quality of the Speakers and Microphone is too good.
  • The Watch is too light and comfortable on the hands.
  • Accurate Tracking of Sports and Health Metrics.
  • 1.5 Meter Water-Resistance
  • Gesture Control Features


  • Step-Counter is not that accurate and perfect.
  • There is no variety present in watch faces.

What do people say about this?

My overall experience with this watch is good… I really liked its battery backup and its changing speed. Its AMOLED display and refresh rate are also superb (the touch response is smooth and fast). The only thing that I don’t particularly appreciate is its strap. It gets stuck while wearing the watch, and it also has a polycarbonate frame, which feels cheap … overall experience is great. 👍Definitely, you can buy it.

By Navish Ola (A Verified Amazon Purchase)

3. Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular, 40mm)


  • Highly-Premium Smartwatch with Square-shaped retina display with thin bezels
  • It comes with 368×448 pixels Resolution for 44mm Version
  • Built-in cellular and GPS that helps you make or take calls, send or receive messages, etc… without a smartphone
  • Highly Accurate and Efficient Tracking of Health and Fitness Levels
  • Emergency SOS and Fall Detection Feature in case of any emergency
  • 18 Hours of Long Battery Life on Typical to Normal Usage
  • Numerous Watch-Faces are Available in the AppStore
  • 5 ATM Water-Resistance
  • 1-Year Warranty with 7 Days of Replacement Policy on Amazon.in

This product is only listed for Apple IOS users because there are rarely any smartwatches that support compatibility with IOS. This Apple Watch SE has a square-shaped retina display with thin bezels, a resolution of 368×448 pixels for the 44mm version, and a digital crown for navigation. Also, You can change the entire look of your smartwatch by just customizing the straps that come in many different styles, materials, and colors.

This smartwatch comes with built-in cellular and GPS that helps you make or take calls, send or receive messages, stream Apple music, and talk to SIRI, all of the tasks without using your smartphone connected to it. Apple Watch SE can be a preferable smartwatch with Call Function and GPS option for IOS and Apple Users’ amazing features and functions.

Regarding tracking workouts or health and fitness, Apple Watch SE can work as your ultimate workout partner because of its numerous and detailed tracking records; you can customize everything with this smartwatch, from running to HIIT and Yoga to Pilates. Moreover, Its heart health trackers tell you everything from high-to-low heart rate and uneven heart rhythm. Create a schedule and bedtime routine to easily and effectively track your sleep based on stages.

Apple Watch SE provides you with up to 18 Hours of Battery Backup with basic to ideal daily usage, It takes roughly around 2-2.5 Hours to get completely charged. Moreover, This smartwatch also comes with an Emergency SOS and Fall Detection that helps you get connected to emergency services whenever you need it.


  • Sleek and Stylish Design
  • Built-in Cellular and GPS
  • Wide range of health and fitness features with accurate tracking results.
  • Compatibility with a vast selection of apps.
  • Emergency SOS and Fall Detection Feature.
  • 5 ATM Water-Resistance.


  • The Battery Life is comparatively less than other smartwatches on this list.

What do people say about this?

You know it’ll be great when it’s apple. The Build Quality is Top-Notch. It comes with so many Cute watch faces. I ordered a 40mm version, so It fits well on my tiny wrist. The strap is really comfortable, and It doesn’t leave a mark on your skin. Do charge it for 100% before using it for the first time. Mine was Drain when It arrived. My only concern is for the battery as It lasts only a day. Overall, It’s a beast on your wrist.

By Aditya Jaiswal (A Verified Amazon Purchase)

4. Fastrack Reflex Play + BT Calling


  • Basic-Design Smartwatch with Premium Metallic Body
  • It comes with a 1.3 AMOLED Display for a good optical quality
  • BT Calling feature, initiate & receive calls right from your wrist.
  • 25+ Multi-Sports Tracking with a packed health suite for every health metrics
  • 7 Days of Long Battery Life on Typical to Normal Usage
  • 100+ Cloud Watch-Faces are Available with Animated Watch faces
  • 1.5m Water Resistance
  • Fastrack Reflex World App Support Available.
  • 1-Year Warranty with 7 Days of Replacement Policy on Amazon.in

I’ve been personally using the Fastrack Analog Dail Watch for the past 2-3 years, and literally, the quality of that watch is worth appreciation. This Fastrack Reflex Play is a smart wearable with a stylish look you can carry with any outfit. It has a 1.3 AMOLED Display with awesome optical quality and AOD Premium Metallic Body for a more detailed and versatile look.

This smartwatch has a BT Calling feature to initiate & receive calls right from your wrist. Connect your smartphone to the smartwatch, and you’re ready. Now you can use your wrist to initiate and receive calls. Overall a good smartwatch with a call function under 6000.

Fastrack Reflex Play is a complete health suite that tracks health and fitness from your wrist; It comes with Blood Pressure Monitor, 24*7 Heart Rate Monitor, SpO2 Monitor, and Women’s Health; after testing the details and data provided by this Fastrack Reflex Play smartwatch, the tracking where found almost accurate. Also, They provide 25+ Multi-Sports that include everything from Cricket, Football, Basketball, Yoga & more, helping you accomplish your achievements and track performance.

It provides you with around 7+ Days of Battery backup with usual to basic usage, whereas It takes around 1.5-2 Hours to get completely charged using the Magnetic Suction Charger. The watch contains various types of faces, from basic to animated. Also, the Fastrack Reflex Play comes with App Support to note all the important and various data records from your smartphone effectively and efficiently.


  • The Watch is more appealing and attractive than as shown in the images.
  • The build quality and design are too premium in this budget range.
  • Touch-Screen is very smooth no slowness was reported.
  • Call Quality is overall good, You can make smooth calls using this smartwatch.
  • Battery Life is Impressive.
  • 1.5m Water Resistance.
  • Multisport mode is excellent.
  • Excellent and Accurate Health metrics tracking.


  • You can only see the notifications from the watch, and cannot reply to them.
  • NO GPS

What do people say about this?

You can track your steps, sleep, water consumption, bp, heart rate, etc. it’s quick and easy! It could be used to receive calls and could use ai when phones are away. The watch faces can be easily changed as they can suit your moods and outfits. I would honestly recommend everyone to get it.

By Kushi (A Verfied Amazon Purchase)

5. boAt Newly Launched Xtend Call Plus Smart Watch


  • It comes with a 1.91″ HD Display and 550 Nits Brightness
  • BT Calling feature with ENx Algorithm for AI Noise Cancellation
    Initiate & receive calls right from your wrist, Use Interactive DialPad, and Add up to 10 Contacts.
  • 100+ Multi-Sports Tracking with Heart Rate and SpO2 Monitoring
  • 10 Days of Long Battery Life on Typical to Normal Usage and 2 Days while using Bluetooth Calling Facility
  • 100+ Cloud Watch Faces are Available
  • Utility Unit for Alarms, Countdown Timer, Camera and Music Controls, Weather Updates & Stopwatch
  • 1-Year Warranty with 7 Days of Replacement Policy on Amazon.in

Enough expensive smartwatch options, Now If you’re looking for a smartwatch with call function under 2500 rupees. This boAt Newly Launched Xtend Call Plus Smartwatch comes with a 1.91″ HD Display and 550 Nits Brightness, The Build quality of this smartwatch feels so smooth and amazing as compared to other smartwatches around this budget range.

This smartwatch comes with BT Calling Feature with ENx Algorithm for AI Noise Cancellation that helps you receive and initiate clear calls directly from your wrist. Rather than just calls, they also offer Interactive Dailpad that helps dial any contact from your wrist without opening your smartphone and can save up to 10 Contacts. Overall a great smartwatch with a call function under this budget. Make sure to give it a try. The best part I liked about this smartwatch is its bilingual support that helps provide both Hindi and English Interface. Now it’s upon you how you want to interact with your smart wearable device.

It comes with over 100+ Sports Modes for tracking your sports performance and achievements directly from your wrist to accomplish your fitness goals. But, When it comes to health metrics, boAt Xtend Call Plus provides heart rate and SpO2 Monitoring for regularly checking up on your health and being on top of your health at all times. Moreover, It also supports Google Fit and Apple Health App to directly access your smartphone’s data and metrics without any inconvenience.

boAt Xtend Call Plus Smartwatch provides you with a 10 Days Long Battery Life with normal to typical usage, But If you’re regularly using the Bluetooth Calling Features and Facility, the battery backup may fall up to 2 Days (48 Hours*), It normally takes around 1.5-2 Hours to get entirely charged. The watch also comes with 100+ Cloud Watch Faces to match your OOTD, All the faces seem too attractive and premium for accessing more you can download the boAt Crest Application.


  • Large (1.69″), Clear bright, Sharp LCD IPS display.
  • Heart Rate & Sleep Tracking is highly-accurate and almost perfect.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is good and very fast.
  • Extremely Lightweight and Comfortable to Use.
  • Blood-Pressure Measurements are pretty accurate.
  • Sports and Workouts Mode is too good.
  • IP68 Dust, Sweat, and Splash Resistance
  • Worth the Money Product.


  • No cons found yet.

What do people say about this?

I recently purchased the Boat Smart Watch, and I must say, it has completely exceeded my expectations! This smartwatch is an absolute game-changer in terms of its features, functionality, and design. Allow me to share my experience and why I believe it’s an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and stylish smartwatch. It seamlessly connects to my smartphone, allowing me to receive notifications, texts, and calls with just a glance at my wrist. The Bluetooth connectivity is flawless, ensuring that I never miss any important updates. I can also control my music, track my steps, monitor my heart rate, and even track my sleep patterns. The watch face is customizable, and I can choose from a wide range of attractive options to suit my mood and style. The strap is comfortable and durable, and I haven’t experienced it.

By Sathiya (A Verified Amazon Purchase)

6. Noise Pulse 2 Max Advanced Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch


  • It comes with a 1.85″ TFT LCD Display and 550 Nits Brightness.
  • BT Calling feature with Tru Sync technology.
    Initiate & receive calls right from your wrist, Use Interactive DialPad, and Add up to 10 Contacts.
  • 100+ Multi-Sports and Health Metrics Tracking.
  • 10 Days of Long Battery Life on Typical to Normal Usage.
  • 150+ Cloud Watch Faces are Available.
  • Noise Fit App to manage your day-to-day life better with all metrics and records.
  • Smart DND to easily activate your non-interrupted break mode.
  • 1-Year Warranty with 7 Days of Replacement Policy on Amazon.in

The cheapest smartwatch with call function on this list from the brand Noise, This Noise Pulse 2 Max Advanced Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch comes with a Massive 1.85″ display, 550 nits of brightness, and the highest screen-to-body ratio. Overall the look of this smartwatch feels too compact and premium with a little branding of Noise at the straps of the watch and good-build quality.

This smartwatch has a BT Calling feature to directly place or receive calls from your wrists, manage calls, access your favorite contacts, and dial from the dial pad. I found the cheapest and best smartwatch with a call function with these great and helpful functions. Moreover, It also comes with Tru Sync technology that ensures a faster and more stable connection with low power consumption that provides you with an advanced calling experience. It comes with 100+ Sports Mode Activated in the wearable so that you can easily track your performance and fitness goals with Health Metrics Tracking to maintain your health at the top combining your fitness goals.

Noise Pulse 2 Max Advanced Smartwatch provides you a 10 Days Long Battery Life on typical to daily usage, Whereas If you’re using its Bluetooth calling facility the battery backup may fluctuate. Coming over to the charging time, It typically takes around 1.5-2.0 Hours to get completely charged.


  • The Display and Build quality is too versatile and feels premium.
  • The battery backup is top-notch in this budget range.
  • The sensors of the smartwatch are highly-accurate and perfect.
  • Smart DND Mode Available.
  • The strap quality is too good.
  • Bluetooth Calling Feature with Camera Control Feature.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable


  • Sometimes the UI (User Interface) Feels Laggy.
  • Connectivity Issues Faced Sometimes.

What do people say about this?

I’m like, wow….. this smartwatch is performing very nicely, and it’s very easy to use. There are many options which you can use, and the delivery is fast. I ordered this product 2 days ago, and today I received it… It is very affordable at such a low price, and guys, just go for it…!!! Feeling happy after receiving it…🥹

By Sakshi (A Verified Amazon Purcahse)

7. Titan New Talk Smartwatch


  • 1.39” AMOLED High-Quality Display with 454×454 Resolution
  • Sleek and Impressive Design
  • BT Calling Feature with CrystalVoice™ Technology
  • Health Suite with Sleep Monitor, HRM (Heart-Rate Monitor), SpO2, Period Tracker, and Breath Tracker
  • 20 Multi-Sports Mode with detailed tracking and metrics
  • 5 Days Backup on a Single Charge
  • 100+ Watch Faces that match your every OOTD
  • IP68 Water and Dust Resistance 
  • TWS Connect Feature directly from the smartwatch
  • AI Voice Connect for Hey Google or Hey Siri just with a tap

The Primary motive of the New Titan Talk Fashion Smartwatch is to provide a good smartwatch with a call function with good performance and an affordable budget range. The Titan New Talk Smartwatch has an immersive 1.39” AMOLED display with 454×454 resolution; The Display Quality looks too perfect and impressive. You can also pair up this smartwatch with all your outfits and looks, whether formal, casual, or streetwear. 

As we already mentioned above, this watch is focused on the intent of call function in a smartwatch; the BT Calling Feature comes with hand-free calls directly from your wrists. This smartwatch’s speaker and microphone quality is perfect for basic calls because of the CrystalVoice™ Technology.

Now proceeding up with some of the basic to intelligent features of this smartwatch that make it worth this price range, This Titan New Talk Smartwatch comes with a complete health suite that includes a Sleep Monitor, HRM (Heart-Rate Monitor), SpO2, Period Tracker, and Breath Tracker. With 20 Multi-Sports Mode, It is made easy to track and record your performance data and compare it easily; You can find everything necessary from basics in the sports mode.

Titan New Talk Smartwatch provides you with a long-lasting backup of up to 5 Days on a single charge, Although this estimation is been recorded based on the standard to normal usage. Excessive usage of Bluetooth Calling or Metrics Recording may cause a significant drop in the battery percentage. Now here are some of the special and unique features of this smartwatch important to cover: Phone Finder, Camera Control, Music Control, Built-in Calculator, Sedentary Reminders, and Hydration Reminders.


  • High-Quality AMOLED 1.39” Display
  • Sleek and Sturdy Design and Build-Quality
  • Bluetooth Calling with CrystalVoice™ Technology
  • 100+ Cloud Watch Faces 
  • Health Suite and 20 Multi-Sports Mode with accurate and detailed metrics
  • Unique and Helpful Productive Additional Features
  • The AI Voice Assistant works pretty well


  • Non-Functional Crown Button
  • No Auto Brightness

What do people say about this?

I bought this watch and was totally amazed by the features battery life; and it truly is smart !! It has a seamless BT calling feature, so I love taking calls from the watch. It has an AI voice assistant which listens to my every command! It shows me my fitness, oxygen, heart and hydration levels, which keeps me fresh and motivated throughout…Music storage and Playback is a super add-on so that I can listen to songs while on the go !! 20 multisport mode was a surprise for me as I am a fitness enthusiast, and it tracks my every move !!! This one also has 100+ watch faces, which makes me play around and choose a new watch face every day !!

By Raju Bhagtani (A Verfied Amazon Purchase)

Ending Words

At the end of this article, you might get an idea about the best smartwatches with call function and which brands you should consider before purchasing one for yourself; all these smartwatches were personally researched and written by me. So, If you require any clarifications or are having any confusion related to the article, you can comment below or mail us. We’ll try to reply ASAP.

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