Do Gaming Laptops come with Microsoft Office Pre-Installed?

Do Gaming Laptops come with Microsoft Office

No, Gaming laptops don’t come with Microsoft Office Pre-Installed because nowadays the gaming laptop brands only consist of the main windows application from the operating system and rest is up to what you want to install in your laptop. Although there are numerous alternatives for your Microsoft Office such as OpenOffice, Google Docs and Sheets, etc…

The primary focus of these gaming laptops is to provide the best performance and gaming experiences to the user. There is no major sense of having Microsoft Office on gaming laptops pre-installed. Moreover, There are many reasons why a gaming laptop doesn’t come with Microsoft Office preinstalled. For one thing, Microsoft Office isn’t designed to run well on gaming laptops. It also takes up too much space on a hard drive. And finally, there are other programs that gamers prefer over Microsoft Office.

Are Gaming Laptops worth buying for Office Work?

I would say, It depends on your work. If you’re a bit multi-tasking with a job you prefer learning more skills and applications such as video editing, photo-editing, freelancing then gaming laptops can be worth buying for office work. As gaming laptops nowadays are too powerful for any applications or software that might provide you a good scope to seek on, Although there are a few disadvantages such as gaming laptops don’t provide good battery runtime (4-5 Hours) as compared to the office laptops (9-10 Hours), Reduces the professionalism of your work (Due to heavy lighted RGB work that laptop seems a bit unprofessional), Softwares such as MS Office will not come pre-installed in some of the gaming laptops, etc…

A gaming laptop is great if you want to play games while working. It is also ideal for people who need to do a lot of typing and word processing. However, if you just need something to browse the web, check email, etc., then a regular laptop might be better suited for you. 

What are the best laptops for official work with gaming purposes with SPECS?

Here are some budget gaming laptops that you can use for both official work, video-editing, and gaming at the same time. Moreover, The laptops listed below will have MS Office Pre-Installed in the system.


This is the main reason why the gaming laptops don’t come with Microsoft Office and Official-Use Softwares. We’ve also listed some gaming laptops that you can check out, If you want the taste of gaming keeping your work on the top. Thanks for reading our article, Have a Nice Day 🙂

Cheers, Sarwar

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