Are Curved Monitors better for Gaming? [Explained 2023]

One of the frequently asked questions that gamers often ask is whether curved monitors are superior choice for gaming. The question is simple: Are curved monitors better for gaming? To truly understand their impact on gaming, it’s important to consider how curved monitors affect performance, visual experience, and overall gaming pleasure.

In this article, we will look at the advantages, disadvantages, and overall impact of curved gaming monitors and, in the end, will provide you with the best recommendations based on your needs.

Are Curved Monitors better for Gaming? [Explained]

Yes, Curved Monitors are way better from a gaming point of view because the screen curve gets wrapped around the eyes, helping you provide a way better viewing angle and a realistic experience. These types of monitors are good for those who love to play more action and fast-paced games as they help in reducing eye strain and tracking objects easily on screen without any issues. Also, a Curved gaming monitor provides a way better gaming experience than a flat gaming monitor. However, both monitors are good in their own aspect and budget range, so make sure you prefer wisely.

Advantages of Curved Gaming Monitors

Here are some potential advantages that you can get after purchasing curved gaming monitors:

  • Curved Gaming Monitors provide you with a more realistic and high-quality experience by wrapping the visuals around the viewer and providing an immersive feel.
  • Due to the curvature of the curved gaming monitor, the gaming environment appears larger and more realistic, providing a better gaming experience.
  • Curved Gaming Monitors also help in reducing eye strain because of a more consistent viewing distance across the Screen.
  • Curved Screen can potentially help in reducing reflections and minimising glare for a more focused gameplay.

Disadvantages of Curved Gaming Monitors

Here are some potential disadvantages that you can face after or before purchasing a curved gaming monitor:

  • The cost of curved gaming monitors can be more expensive as compared to basic flat-screen gaming monitors.
  • If you were using a flat-screen gaming monitor before, the chances are you’ll take time to get adapted to your curved gaming monitor.
  • Curved Monitors can’t get easily fitted in minimal space, and They require proper space to get fitted because of their unique design.

Are Curved Monitors good for competitor gaming?

Yes, Curved Monitors are considered best for competitive gaming than the usual regular-screen monitor. But, the advantages and disadvantages may vary depending on personal preferences and the game played. Basically, there are two advantages of a curved monitor for gaming: Space because the two ends of the curved monitor curve towards the middle for better clarity and FOV because of the curved shape. Here’s a diagram to explain:

Image Source: ViewSonic

In the end, Yes, curved gaming monitors are good for competitive gaming. But You don’t need to spend a lot on a monitor that is just curved. Realistically, the slight advantages aren’t going to be worth it, If you’re not specifically focused on gaming.

Are Curved Gaming Monitors Worth It?

Now, frankly speaking, If you’re into competitive gaming, then, of course, curved gaming monitors can be worth your investment. Still, just for casual gaming as entertainment purposes, you can also prefer the flat-screen gaming monitor because there is no major difference between these two types of monitor. It’s just a slight angle and curvature difference that enhances the experience and performance for pro gamers.


In the end, it’s all about what suits your style and enhances your gaming pleasure. If you love the immersive feel and enjoy the way the curved screen wraps around you, or If you just want a basic gameplay setup from the flat-screen gaming monitor. If you’re facing any confusion or doubts related to the question, “Are curved monitors better for gaming?” make sure you comment on your confusion or query below, and we’ll try to reply ASAP.

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