Exide vs Amaron: Which one is best to prefer this 2023?

I’ve been using Exide battery in my bike and nowadays using an Amaron product in my car for analyzing the best performing battery between them and I came up with some results. Of Couse, I can’t provide you with the exact facts because I’m using Exide for the past 1-2 years on my bike whereas It is just a few months (7-8) using Amaron in my car.

Hey everyone, In this article, we’re going to talk about the comparison between Exide vs amaron, Which one is better, and what we should prefer this 2023 to get the maximum out of it. Rather than just normal batteries, we’re also going to jump a bit in the automotive performance review such as Exide vs amaron car battery.

Exide vs Amaron Battery – Comparision

Before getting started with the exact comparison, Let’s know a bit about these brands.

Exide vs Amaron (A Deep Review)

A brief introduction on Exide

A multinational manufacturer company over 74 years and ruling till now, One of the most reputed brands in this automotive and home batteries and inverter sector. It is the largest manufacturer of automotive and industrial lead-acid batteries in India and the fourth-largest in the world.

Exide works in Automotive, industrial, inverter, solar, genset, submarine, home ups, and E-rickshaw products.

A brief introduction on Amaron

The Amara raja group product, After Exide, Amaron is India’s largest automotive battery selling company. Amaron mostly deals in automotive batteries which makes this brand a bit special and unique. Amaron is the only battery that contains the patented SilvenX alloy inside that is the only reason it provides long-lasting performance and backup.

Only Deals in Automotive and Inverter batteries a bit.

Now let’s get started with the exact review we’re waiting for.

Durability and Quality

Exide comes with an amazing durability and quality, An average car or bike battery lasts for 3-4 years easily based on your maintenance, climatic conditions, driving patterns, and veichle type. It’s highly durable because of its Thicker Cast High-performance Plates and Special Patented Alloy that helps it to sustain high temperature and extreme weather conditions.

In case of lifespan of battery, Amaron is lacking a bit behind from the research I made till now. The average lifespan of car and bike battery lasts for 2-3 years sily based on your maintenance, climatic conditions, driving patterns, and veichle type. But, When It comes to the durability and quality of the product Amaron is holding himself at high position.

Amaron is the only battery that contains the patented SilvenX alloy inside that is the only reason it provides long-lasting performance and capacity of survive extreme weather conditions.

Technology and Features

Basically, Exide batteries has three types of grid present in their technology list. EIL PATENTED GRID, NORMAL GRID, and EXPANDED GRID. Exide batteries are designed so well that they can face extreme weather fluctuations, designed to suit any type of road conditions, good cranking power, magic-eye, superior quality seperator.

Amaron batteries provides Zero-Maintenance with an amazing cranking power, High corrosive and vibration resistance, and Built with state-of-the-art VRLA technology. And one of the best technology that only amaron provides in India is their patented SilvenX alloy, which makes this section different and help it provides long lasting backup, performance, and lifespan.

Warranty and After Sales Service

When it comes to warranty and after sales service both Amaron and Exide are the best performer in the industry. Exide offer 18-48 months of warranty on their automotive selections whereas Amaron offers 18-24 months of warranty. Talking about the after sales service they both have excellent performance (personally noticed).


Exide batteries are more widely available as compared to the Amaron batteries, Mostly as a reputed brand the shopkeepers tend to purchase Exide rather than Amaron because of its high sales and good customer service in the market.

Recycling and Reprocess

Both Amaron and Exide have different programs for recycling used batteries, Even you can also sell your used or old batteries for bucks in your local electrical or battery stores on the basis of kilograms (Rs. 102-120) nowadays. Although both of these brands perform amazing the market and doesn’t has any major space for complains but incase you battery is dead or not able to perform more there are multiple ways to sell out your batteries and contribute the environment with the help of process recycling.

Comparison Chart: Exide vs Amaron


  • It’s been over 70 years of exide in the batteries market
  • Exide comes with more variations and models compared to Amaron
  • It is costly in price than Amaron
  • Warranty 18-48 months
  • Good Cranking and Ability to recover from deep discharge


  • It’s been over 25 years of amaron in batteries market.
  • Amaron comes in less varitions and models compared to Exide
  • It comes a bit cheaper than Exide
  • Warranty 18-36 months
  • Good Cranking Power

PROS and CONS – Exide vs Amaron

Both the batteries amaron and exide has some PROS and CONS. This table will list out all the positive and negative sides of the battery you may face after buying these batteries.

Which brand is better Exide vs Amaron?

I highly prefer you going with Exide, If you’re good on budget otherwise you may also proceed with Amaron. Exide is an excellent performing brand in market over 70 years with their amazing technology for a long lasting and high performance. I’m personally using Exide battery in my bike and I’m really happy with it’s performance.

Some Best Exide and Amaron batteries that you can prefer:

Model  TypeVoltageWarrantyPrice
Amaron Pro Bike Rider Beta Two Wheeler BatteryBike Battery (Two-Wheeler)12v/5AH48 months (24+24)Check Price
Exide Honda, Hero Motors Bike Sealed Battery Xltz4Bike battery
12v/4AH24 months (12+12)Check Price


Hope so you got something to learn new about these brands. If you’re facing any confusion you want to ask any question feel free to ask we’ll try to reply ASAP. Relalted Articles that you’ll love to read.

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