Luminous vs Exide – Comparison, Alternatives, Rating [2023]

A few days ago, I was searching for a battery for my office and got stuck between the two most powerful batteries brands of India. Luminous vs Exide, As 70-80% of people around India prefer this brand.

But, What will you do when it comes to buying a battery between these choices of two. Don’t worry in this article, we are going to compare both brands with their best products to buy with alternatives at cheaper and affordable rates.

Luminous vs Exide

Luminous vs Exide – Which one is to prefer this 2023

Exide is one of the oldest battery brands in India, whereas Luminous is a bit newer to this market. But because of the quality and relevancy of the product luminous overtook the market quickly. After in-depth research, I found Luminous as the best brand for buying batteries in comparison with Exide. Here are some reasons that can prove my point.

Exide – Basic Details

  • They provide good capacity rating of 100ah-230ah
  • The batteries comes with a warranty period of 24-58 months (sometimes extendable)
  • Exide has 3 range and variety of product
    1. InvaPlus
    2. InvaMaster
    3. InvaTubular
  • They have minimal plate failures
  • Ability to recover from deep-discharge

Exide – Pros and Cons

Luminous – Basic Details

  • They provide a good capacity rating of 60ah-220ah
  • The batteries comes with a warranty period of 36-75months (sometimes extendable)
  • Luminous has 6 range and variety of product
    1. Red Charge
    2. Extra Charge
    3. Power Charge
    4. Shakti Charge
    5. Inverlast
    6. LifeMax
  • Luminous requires less maintainable
  • Ability to recover from deep-discharge

Luminous – Pros and Cons

Which inverter is best exide or luminous

When it comes to picking a high-quality and good performance inverter for the home powerhouse then we always consider the reputed brands in the market. Here we are having Exide and luminous inverters in comparison.

Talking about the direct answer to this question then you should always consider luminous inverters instead of Exide, Here is How I came to this conclusion.

Exide Inverters

  • Exide Inverter comes in fewer variations and models compared to Luminous.
  • Over-Heating problem in few models.
  • The price is quite expensive than the luminous model If compared with the features and technologies.
  • I don’t have personal experience and test on this inverter

Luminous Inverters

  • Luminous comes with very high-quality inverters with every type of variation and models with every new technology.
  • Low to minimal problems are rarely faced.
  • Price is very user friendly according to the features and technologies
  • I’ve personally used and tested this inverter over 3-4 years

Best batteries of Luminous and Exide that you can buy for your home and offices

Model  Voltage RatingTypeWarrantyPrice
Luminous Shakti Charge12v/150AhTall Tubular54 MonthsCheck Price
Luminous Red Charge12v/150AhTall Tubular36 MonthsCheck Price
Exide Inva Tubular Battery12v/150AhTall Tubular48 MonthsCheck Price
Luminous LPTT12150H12v/150AhTall Tubular60 MonthsCheck Price

Best Alternatives to Luminous and Exide batteries

Due to the rocking performance of these batteries, There are only a few brands left also used nowadays. Such as Amaron, PowerZone, Okaya, MtekPower, Livguard, SF Sonic etc…

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  1. I want 4 led bulbs of 14 watts each and 2 ceiling fans to run for 4 hours continously , which battery and how much Ah capacity do u suggest for me.

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  6. Luminous Inverlast ILTT28060, 250 Ah Tall Tubular Inverter Battery for Home,

    is good for home and shop for good back up and long life
    please confirm me, is good choice or not, if not please let me alternate good option.

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