3 Best Inverter for 220Ah Battery [Review, PROS&CONS]

An inverter is one of the most important essentials nowadays in our day-to-day life because of the frequent power cuts and high electric consumption leading to the immense purchase of inverters and batteries.

Keeping the facts in mind. Today, In this article, We’re going to discuss the 3 Best Inverter for 220Ah Battery that you can easily afford with amazing performance [Personally Tried and Tested] with PROS&CONS, Specs, and Basic Overview.

best inverter for 220ah battery

3 Best Inverter for 220Ah Battery [2021] – Updated

S.NoName/Model No. of the ProductPrice ()
1.Microtek UPS 24X7 HB-1275 (12V) UPS Inverter₹6,490
2.Microtek Luxe SW1400 Pure Sine Wave Inverter [Editor Choice]₹8,990
3.Livguard Inverter with Smart Artificial Intelligence [Highest Warranty]₹5,392

Microtek UPS 24X7 HB-1275 (12V) UPS Inverter


  • Pure Sine-wave Output
  • In-Built LED Display
  • Overload, Deep-Discharge, & Short Circuit Protection
  • Supports all types of batteries
  • DSP Technology-based UPS
  • 2 Year Warranty

Microtek UPS 24X7 Inverter is a 1275VA High-Performing Inverter, The Pure Sine-Wave feature helps in the noiseless functioning of appliances and provides better safety to sensitive appliances. This feature aids increase the lifespan of appliances and batteries with a better performance.

Its in-Built LED Display helps you provide all the important and necessary reminders, messages, and measures such as Charging Time, Backup Time, System Fault, Battery Type, ECO & UPS Mode, Low Battery, etc… with almost accurate display contents and effects.

The best technology I found in this inverter was the DSP Processor, It helps the Inverter to detect errors and filter the analog signals. This enables the processing of digital signal through the microprocessor and accordingly optimize the inverter based on the load.

This inverter also helps prevent issues and problems related to Overload, Deep-Discharge, and Short-Circuit Protection and supports better health and performance for the inverter and battery. They provide 2 years of warranty on their product with 7 days of replacement policy.

Microtek Luxe SW1400 Pure Sine Wave Inverter – [Editor Choice]


  • India’s Smartest & Intelligent LCD UPS with Micro Computer Inside
  • INTELLI Pure Sinewave Output
  • 5 Stage Intelligent Battery charging algorithm
  • PWM Controlled Multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging
  • Dura Retain Technology
  • Fast Charging Feature for High-Power Cut Areas
  • 2 Year Warranty

Microtek has been one of the most established companies for years. This Microtek Luxe SW1400 Inverter (The Best Inverter for 220ah Battery) comes with 1100VA, A INTELLI Pure Sine-Wave Inverter with India’s Smallest & Intelligent LCD UPS and MICRO Computer Inside. It helps your inverter sustain long with an incredible performance. Moreover, The INTELLI Pure Sine-Wave Feature allows the appliances to be enduring and have noiseless performance.

This inverter is built for frequent power-cuts areas. Keeping the facts in mind, Microtek has put its maximum effort into making it the best inverter for fast charging and resolving these issues. They’ve used technologies such as 5 Stage Intelligent Battery charging algorithm & PWM Controlled Multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging, With Standard Charging for the Normal Areas. To provide the best out for the battery, If you’re somewhere with the most frequent power cuts, This inverter can be proved a life-changing investment for the powerhouse of your home.

To get longer backups, Microtek is using Dura Retain Technology. Although it depends on the battery performance, How much backup, you’ll get. But, Somewhere, this Dura Retain Technology helps decrease the load and increase the overall performance of the inverter. Microtek provides 2 years of official warranty on this inverter with 7 days of replacement policy on Amazon.

Livguard Inverter with Smart Artificial Intelligence


  • Built with Smart Artificial Intelligence
  • Pure Sine-Wave Inverter
  • New Age Design that suits your interior
  • Supports all types of battery
  • Peace of mind with 3 Years Warranty

Livguard LGS1600PV a 1500VA Pure Sine-Wave Inverter, The best feature that I liked about this inverter is that it is built with Smart Artificial Intelligence helps automate all the manual inverter tasks in a better way. Moreover, This Inverter also comes with New Age Design that suits your Home Interior.

It automatically switches to the type of battery you’re using and manages the performance accordingly, Also Livguard provides 3 Year of Official Warranty on the Product with 7 Days of Replacement Policy.


These were the best inverter for 220ah battery that I personally researched out for you all, I hope you liked our article. If you’re facing any confusion or problem make sure to comment your concern below. Till then Have a Good Day 🙂

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